It is very easy to get lost in our complicated world and get confused with all the companies, names and models. But why get confused when you can stand out?

Nowadays, we do not buy cars, but brands, we do not order drinks at the pub, but brands, do not wear pants and shirt, but brands. What is a brand? It can be defined as a collection of insights and product features. For instance, a car can be young and sexy or solid and meticulous. Your product can adopt the appropriate features that are relevant to the target audience and then can be understood not as a mere object or service. If required, it can be replaced with that of the competitors, but as something unique and desirable, with its own character.

Branding process is in fact building a product's personality. In order to do so, a thorough market research is performed to identify the hottest trends in the market. Are consumers looking for an expensive and shiny brand or would they rather prefer something accessible, warm and popular? In a market of not branded products, consumers hardly differentiate between the competing products. Manufacturers (or service suppliers) compete with each other mainly by lowering prices, in a manner that harms their profitability significantly. Product branding allows them to compete not only with the price tags but also with the product characteristics. If a consumer perceives the brand as valuable, he would be willing to pay more for it than for competing products. This difference in price can reach up to 10 percents and is called "premium brand". For these purposes, you can use a detailed market analysis, focus groups, interviews and more.

We will assist in branding your product from A to Z, including finding a catchy and original name, logo design, colorful packaging, other related products and much more. While tedious competitors are still struggling, together we will choose the values of the new brand, its target audience and what it represents. Is the brand young and kicking or luxury and solid? We have the answers.