Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising
The internet world begins with the personal computer; however, it does not end there. It continues to mobile phones, of many kinds, and it is where we come in. We will design banners in cellular websites, match the existing websites to anyone with a Smartphone and develop exclusive applications for IPhone, iPad and Android.

Mobile phone advertising can be done in several ways, from simple text and WAP messages with a link attached and addressing to the website that is promoted via banners and mini sites, as well as sophisticated mobile applications. This is a rather cheap but eye-catching advertising with low production costs, with rather effective results. The messages will be delivered to the target audience that shows a genuine interest in the relevant advertising content.

When it comes to a set of TV commercials, the viewers usually switch to another channel or go to get more popcorn. However, when it comes to the field of mobile phones, most of the message recipients open and read the content. Not to mention the speed in which one can create campaigns as an immediate response to the changes in the market.

We will help you characterize the target audience to which these mobile advertisements will be adapted to. Following the characterization work, we will introduce the technological tools at our disposal and choose the ones that work best for the future campaign. After determining the budget framework and the extent of exposure, we will proceed to the implementation stage. However, our responsibility does not end here – at the end of the campaign we will measure the success according to predefined statistical criteria.