BTL is short for "below the line". Imagine an imaginary line with billboards, newsstands, radios and TV screens above it. It is not enough to advertise the products and brands only in predictable ways, such as radio commercials and ads, there is a life under that imaginary line.
BTL is meant to provide the consumer with product experience and not only on screen. Here are some examples of activities we produce and organize for our clients, and will gladly do the same for you:
  • Promotional stands that are located in crowded areas. Every stand allows consumers to get an idea about the products, lets people use it, and get a good impression about the design and performance… or the taste, when it comes to indulging food or drinks.
  • Stewards in branded clothing who hand out samples to the consumers.
  • Production of promotional material of different kinds, sizes and colors, including original postcards, key holders and much more, we just let our imagination work. 
  • Bold, original and unexpected guerilla advertising that will create a buzz among the target audience and will cause a great interest in the brand. 
  • Launch events where each event is covered and is a subject of discussion. 
We will execute all the steps for you, starting from building the optimal concept trough a close guidance and professional and comprehensive production.