Welcome to EGOeast, an innovative and professional advertising agency that will take you along on a fascinating journey, starting from building a strategy and completing with the finishing touches of the campaign, not missing a step, not an inch, not a frame.
What is so special about this journey? In EGOeast, we know and cherish the conventional advertising techniques proven during the 20th century, so-called the good old "old school", with an emphasis on the “old”.
However, we all live in the 21st century. Accordingly, we will offer you exclusive, original and innovative solutions, using the most advanced technologies. You have our team's word!
Let us tell you a few words about the EGOeast team. These guys not only have gained extensive experience in the field of advertising and marketing, they also act according to a number of important principles while working with costumers:
  • You will receive a personal approach and close collaboration, with no solutions that are too broad and slogans that are too bland. We will listen, inquire and understand each other.
  • We will learn about your target audience, paying attention to every little detail and only then will we decide on relevant advertising tools.
  • We will make sure to separate you from your competitors and ensure we leave a clear message about your advantages in the minds of your target audience.
  • We will not be scattered, or get lost, but target oriented and will center our activities on the relevant audience, whether it has to do with yuppies from Shenkin street, a restaurant from Sderot, or a novel from Ashdod… By the way, we provide solutions to the marketing sector as well.

In short, we will be glad to assist you at any time, including now. Write! Call! Text!

We are here for you.

Best Wishes,
EGOeast Team