About us

EGOeast advertising office does not just talk (about itself), but also works (for its clients). We:
  • Build strategy
  • Explore and offer bold ideas and efficient solutions
  • Produce creative
  • Match and purchase media
  • And finally, analyze campaigns
What is the key word for modern advertising, which begins with an "I"and ends with a "T"? You have got that right, it’s the INTERNET.
EGOeast specializes in advanced interactive advertising, which includes:
  • Professional assistance and guidance
  • Website UX, design and development
  • Building, managing and promotion of campaigns in social networks and search engines
  • Developing applications for mobile devices
  • SEO
We are by no means contractors of hire workers. EGOeast thinks outside the box and along with the client, we:
  • Build a brand
  • Develop advertising language
Banners are not our single priority. EGOeast primarily addresses people and introduces the client to them in a clear and precise manner. We have a vast experience in:
  • Sales promotion activities
  • Various print productions
  • Concept event production for different target audience
  • Use of interactive and innovative tools
In addition, EGOeast has a subdivision, which provides specialized services to the Russian sector of about eight million people. Kapish?